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Lame — But Classic — Marketing: Maruti SX4 — It’s Not A Bug Silly, It’s A Safety Feature

If you’ve sat on the driver’s seat of a Maruti SX4, you’ll definitely have observed a huge blind spot in the front right portion caused by a wedge shaped A pillar.

On my way to work today morning, I tuned in to a program on Radio City during which SX4 owners in Bangalore could have a live chat with a Maruti Marketing Guy. A software engineer calls in and says,

The car’s awesome. It’s got great ground clearance and spacious interiors. But the front right portion blocks my view while taking a turn.

To which the Maruti Marketing Guy replied,

Thanks for your great comments. But the wedge-shaped A pillar you are talking about is actually a safety feature. I am not sure if your driving posture is correct — maybe your seat’s way too front or way too back — but that wedge-shaped A pillar is a safety feature.

WTF mate? Blind spots being sold as a safety feature? Maybe it’s safe because what you can’t see while turning can’t hurt you. Right? Classic marketing at work — blame the customer.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Lame — But Classic — Marketing: Maruti SX4 — It’s Not A Bug Silly, It’s A Safety Feature

  1. Its might be a safety feature, it might be not. But the car is great. Its a pity that we might laugh out a Maruti master piece, which is so much loaded with safety features and others. But we happily accept a honda car, which has got no features at all. At first instant they didn’t even care about providing the safety features even at a premium. Kudos to Maruti for coming out with such a nice car.

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