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Tweets on 2007-12-06

Starting this week, I’ll publish links to interviews with accomplished people (industry veterans, authors, et al.). I have always learnt a thing or two from such interviews. Let me know if you find this useful.

In India the whole system is set up for 5 to 6 percent annual GDP growth. The sudden growth of more than 9 percent has surprised everyone, and sustainability is a very big question now. I have doubts that we can sustain this type of growth if two areas—the rural economy and infrastructure—aren’t taken up more seriously.

Upgrading India’s energy and transportation networks: An interview with G. M. Rao, founder and chairman, GMR Group.

At least someone’s talking the truth about India’s growth pangs.


A dream manager is the ultimate life coach who sits down with an employee once a month and takes them through a process of learning to think strategically about their life and their career to better equip them to fulfill their personal and professional dreams.

Tom’s Cool Friends: An interview with Matthew Kelly, an internationally acclaimed speaker and author and the founder and president of Floyd Consulting.

Does your organization have a Dream Manager? I wish for one.

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