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Lame Advertising: Motorola’s Moto Yuva — No Wonder The Shareholders Are Unhappy

If you run a mobile phone company and broadcast your wares with such lame advertisements, especially in a market considered to be Mecca of the telecom world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your shareholders are unhappy.

Read: Motorola Replaces Chief With an Insider.

Said the dissident shareholder Carl C. Icahn,

I believe that the steps announced today do not even begin to address the major problems at Motorola.

Spot on mate. It’s time to fix these marketing campaigns.

12 thoughts on “Lame Advertising: Motorola’s Moto Yuva — No Wonder The Shareholders Are Unhappy

  1. You can comment on Lame advertising campaign, but really what you can’t comment on is that the person being replaced is because of these lame ad campaigns..There may be more reasons which may have led the company to take such decisions..Lame ad campaigns do not really attact the attention of these corporate leaders, which would result in replacing an employee with another internal..Your comments are welcome.

  2. The Name Says MotoYUVA – means for Youth… and m sure they are loving it as the acc to amrket the handset is all sold off dealers are out of stock…within week of its launch…as such with a price point of Rs.1999/- how else do u break the clutter and grab the eyeballs and wallets of these youngsters……to me it rocks ….it does what it set out to do…

    Kids say its FUNNY to the core they do get completly engrossed in their mobile phones….u can have look around youself what relationship a teen shares with their nobile phones…

  3. Vinay..
    I wouldn’t buy a motorola mobile phone based on this ad..but if the phone is really good enough I would go ahead and buy it provided I have the requirement to do so..
    Ad’s dont have much effect on any one’s decision. I believe ‘ad’ is only to attract people’s attention and not to influence there decisions in buying the product..If someone is getting influenced to buy the product after falling for companie’s marketting strategies and stupid ad’s, its better they get there neuron’s checked..

  4. Whoever is behind this f**** script is sure gonna die with rarest of rarest brain disease one day and watmore even that will be advertised… sigh!:|…just cant help to think of the fact that how can some one come with an AD as stupid rather disgusting as that….n the beta billu is just as lame as it gets… the person behind the “billu” idea surely deserves some “kallu” :P

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