Lame Management: Cafe Coffee Day — When Management Successfully Does Things To Drive Regular And Paying Customers Away

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Recently, at the Cafe Coffee Day outlet near Ashoka Pillar, Bangalore (South), we asked: Could you please change the television channel to the cricket match? We just want to catch the score. To which came the reply: Sorry sir. Management has asked us to keep the television tuned to only music channels. Management for management’s […]

Tip: Where Can You Get Computerised Wheel Balancing And Alignment Done For Your Car Or Two-Wheeler In Bangalore?

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Head over to: Madhus Enterprises No. 35/5, Langford Road Near Double Road Circle Bangalore — 560 025. Tel: +91 80 41519430 / 50 Email: me [at] madhusindia [dot] com Highly recommended. I’ve personally witnessed their efficiency in service. They use high-precision wireless equipment to get the job done. You can also get your vehicle’s emission […]

Tweets on 2007-12-12

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Technology is useless if not used for the greater good of serving the customer. We are a strongly customer-oriented company, and we often use the “working from the customer backwards” approach. This means that in your thought process, you start with the customer and work your way backwards until you have found the simple and […]

Tweets on 2007-12-10

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Is that the reason so many tea-things are put out here? Alice asked. Yes, that’s it, the Hatter sighed: It’s always tea-time here, and we’ve no time to wash the things between whiles. A quote from Alice in Wonderland; also found on an exquisite wall hanging at Infinitea, my favorite tea shop.

Lame Advertising: Hit Insecticide — Taking The India vs. China Game To New Lows

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Do we need this when we know this? … the Chinese banks have an enormous volume of bad loans — $911 billion at May 2006, according to a later-withdrawn estimate by Ernst and Young, which must surely have ballooned to $1.2-1.3 trillion now. That explains why China Investment is somewhat un-aggressive in its international investment […]

Tweets on 2007-12-06

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Starting this week, I’ll publish links to interviews with accomplished people (industry veterans, authors, et al.). I have always learnt a thing or two from such interviews. Let me know if you find this useful. In India the whole system is set up for 5 to 6 percent annual GDP growth. The sudden growth of […]

Tweets on 2007-12-05

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Says ICICI Bank: Carefully Read The MITC. While applying for a credit card, insist on your agent to provide you with the Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC). Also, carefully read through the terms and conditions before signing your application form. Makes me wonder if there are any Less/Least Important Terms and Conditions (LITC) that […]

Lame Advertising: Motorola’s Moto Yuva — No Wonder The Shareholders Are Unhappy

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If you run a mobile phone company and broadcast your wares with such lame advertisements, especially in a market considered to be Mecca of the telecom world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that your shareholders are unhappy. Read: Motorola Replaces Chief With an Insider. Said the dissident shareholder Carl C. Icahn, I believe that […]

Tweets on 2007-12-02

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Here’s a snippet from the latest issue of Outlook Money: Following the recent judgment by the Delhi State Commission fining ICICI Bank Rs 55 lac for using goons to recover a vehicle loan, the bank had decided to cut down on small-ticket loans. Says a senior general manager at ICICI Bank, We have cut down […]

Tweets on 2007-12-01

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If Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is really able to erect an underpass in just three days in Bangalore and throw it open to traffic, it would be a miracle that would rank just below God’s work of creating the world in six days. — Expert’s view on the BBMP’s proposed instant underpasses.