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Tweets on 2007-11-29

  • I’ve been patiently waiting for a video of the Hyundai i10’s television advertisement to show up on YouTube. So far it hasn’t. It’s a shockingly pathetic ad with a mind numbing musical score in the background (sounds as if they are taking the i10 out to burn it down). The ad seems to be selling Shah Rukh Khan (minus Om Shanti Om!) rather than the i10. It’s the second straight lame advertisement by Shah Rukh Khan.

    I’ve never seen the point in celebrity advertising. Do you? And drop a comment if you know where I can find the video.

  • From a recent chat conversation with The Notary:

    [Notary] Man, I have a behemoth of a system at home.

    [Me] There’s no need to insult my Acer laptop. It’s a behemoth in its own right…a behemoth of problems.

    [Notary] LMAO. Your Acer laptop is not even worth insulting. Every time I enter your room, I can’t help but LMAO.

    [Notary] Because I have not seen that Acer move even a nanometer. I have never seen any laptop used so extensively as a desktop!

    [Me] Grrrrrrrrr…logging out.

    If you’re planning for an Acer laptop, this sums up what you’ll have to face everyday.

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  1. @ Notary: He will not comment about the front end speakers as he’s does not feel Back end speakers makes a great difference.. I realise making nuisance on the road with loud music at 1:00 A.M in midnite with your backend speakers helps us or others who really dont want to listen to it..

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