Tweets on 2007-11-23

We have seen two different patterns; the Japanese investors are still sending in the money, the Korean investors seem to have pulled out some money.

Source: Moneycontrol India.

Either the Japanese know something [about the Indian equity markets] that the Koreans don’t or the Koreans know something that the Japanese don’t. But what about you, the retail investor, to whom the only advise given in today’s bull market is “Dump your money in equity. It’s the next step in alchemy?” What do you really know?


You spoke about a lower top, at what level the other leg is the lower bottom. Are we very far away from forming a lower bottom or is it conceivable that we will complete that pattern?

Source: Moneycontrol India.

Lower tops? Lower bottoms? Legs? What exactly are we talking about here? Technical analysis or assets on the human body? Whew!

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