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Lame Concepts: Amway — Have You Been Prospected?

Amway’s multi-level marketing scam is alive and kicking in Bangalore. A close friend V recently experienced a “recruitment attempt” by an existing smooth-talking Amway distributor/prospector/agent/whatever at The Forum Mall. S tells me that the situation is no better in the United States of America. She’s experienced a “recruitment attempt” just days after landing in the United States. Wow! Talk about the depth of your sales channel.

How about you? Have you been prospected yet?

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One thought on “Lame Concepts: Amway — Have You Been Prospected?

  1. I dont have much to say about other lame advertising, lame marketting strategies. But certainly I agree with you regarding Amway especialy with their lame marketting strategies, which never works, My parents invested Rs.4250/- long back and joined this lame product marketting company & have rec’d nothing in return till now, A company where you work and your higher ups grow richer & you get poorer by the day if your lower one’s dont work..A classic example of your Wtf! mate category..I will join in chorus along with you to sing Wtf! against Amway haha [:)]

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