Tweets On 2007-11-30

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I don’t know why, but many visitors to my blog have this annoying (and completely mistaken) habit of thinking that: I am the Branch Manager for Bharti-Airtel, Chennai who has the [mystical] power to cancel Airtel cellular connections. I am the Head of the Billing Department at Bharti-Airtel who can solve all billing related problems […]

Tweets on 2007-11-23

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We have seen two different patterns; the Japanese investors are still sending in the money, the Korean investors seem to have pulled out some money. Source: Moneycontrol India. Either the Japanese know something [about the Indian equity markets] that the Koreans don’t or the Koreans know something that the Japanese don’t. But what about you, […]

Tweets on 2007-11-21

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All that’s left of Taylorism among management consultants today is a pretense to scientific precision in whatever it is that consultants do, which generally involves parachuting into some situation, being smarter than everybody else, coming up with a solution — or at least a PowerPoint presentation — and then leaping into onto their horses and […]

Lame Concepts: Amway — Have You Been Prospected?

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Amway’s multi-level marketing scam is alive and kicking in Bangalore. A close friend V recently experienced a “recruitment attempt” by an existing smooth-talking Amway distributor/prospector/agent/whatever at The Forum Mall. S tells me that the situation is no better in the United States of America. She’s experienced a “recruitment attempt” just days after landing in the […]

Useless Services: Airtel’s Music On Demand — The Perfect Example For Value Added Crap

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Background: Lame Marketing: Funsters And Their Economic Significance To Airtel. A couple of months later, For a monthly subscription charge of Rs 30, Airtel Live Music on Demand gives you 30 minutes of free listening time with a validity of 30 days. If you exhaust your 30 minutes within the stipulated time and want to […]

Lame Advertising: Acer — Why You Shouldn’t Believe What Hrithik Roshan Sings

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I am not a fan of Acer laptops (see here and here) although I own one — unfortunately. I couldn’t help but find and publish this advertisement featuring Hrithik Roshan singing praises about Acer products. It’s glaringly obvious that Hrithik Roshan has never booted up an Acer laptop in his life. He wouldn’t be singing […]

Bad Jargon, Lame Product, Lame Advertising: Bharti AXA’s AspireLife Unit-Linked Insurance Plan

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From a full-page advertisement in today’s edition of Bangalore Mirror: Bharti AXA Life Insurance presents a unit-linked insurance plan that guarantees you return of your first year premium of up to 175% at maturity and invests up to 100% of all your subsequent premiums. What kind of financial misguidance is that? Incredible. I am being […]

Recommended Product: Where Can You Buy An Inverter/UPS Solution For Your Home In Bangalore?

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If you need an Inverter/UPS solution for your house in Bangalore check out benson Services No. 37/5, Meanee Avenue, Tank Road, Bangalore – 560 042. Phone: 65705444, 65705445, 25511853, 25511854, 25547631 Web: I have been a customer with benson Services for close to seven years now. The quality of their Inverter/UPS systems is top-notch […]