Lame Advice: What’s The Worst Equity Investing Advice You Have Heard?

In a bull equity market, human beings conjure magical investment formulae. Here’s the worst equity investing advice I have heard:

Your exposure — in percentage terms — to equity investments should be 100 less your current age. So if you are a 27-year old, your exposure to equity instruments should be 100 – 27 = 73%, with the remaining 27% in debt instruments.

Source: Leading personal finance magazines published in India.

Advice is cheap. Following them is quite expensive.

One thought on “Lame Advice: What’s The Worst Equity Investing Advice You Have Heard?

  1. Hmm, I have heard of this formula as well.
    Well its both right and wrong in a sense, how you probably took it..

    What the publisher said in the article : 100 – 27 = 73
    money – age = money

    My take aways from the “cheap” advice:
    The figure 100 (%) is not 100 % of your over all networth.
    Its the amount you want to invest. Mind you this “investment amt” can be any where from 10% – 30% of your take home, monthly. Also this balance figure 73% is a Max exposure based on your risk personality profile.
    The balance (if i din hear him wrong) wasnt whole debt, but MF and debt. Usually an average risk-averse person (of the said age) likes to invest 35 – 45 % in equity, 50-55% MF and balance (5-10%) in debt.
    (for more details go to finance
    you may also want to take the self – risk orientation check)

    Well, all this apart from your home expence (~25% of your take home), EMIs (30-40% of take home).

    See.. now it sant look that bad :)

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