7 thoughts on “Tweets on 2007-10-22

  1. Now that u ve learnt the art, im sure u will say “tch maga….DSLR togobodagittu” lol .. jokes apart… very nice closeup (a touch outof focus…but it depends on wat u were focussing :))….nice fotoshop touchup as well :P …

    @ anoop
    dude..u can capture better images from ur camera….its up to you to figure it out :P

  2. Notary, no sir. No DSLR for me. A simple pocket-fitting digital camera is what works for me. Remember the story of my Nikon F65? It was quite a tough task to shoot without disturbing or getting too close to the insect.

  3. ley notary!..Naanu thartheene nann camera na neenu thegedu thorsu nange..aamele nodona..houdu I agree I am Novice photographer, but ishtu chennagi baralla aa camera lee..even if it’s taken by a professional photographer.

    @vinay..Im landing on Bangalore soil on 6-Nov-06 & will stay there for 20 days, & hope I will come back for good soon..from here..

  4. @ anoop

    le hange tegedu torusthene kano bekadre inna chennagi tegedu torusthene ninn camera nalli [:p]….
    [i]I agree I am Novice photographer,[/i]

    now tat uve agreed tat ur a novice don argue like a novice as well lol :P

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