Surprisingly Sane Quotes In A Bull Market #1

Sane quotes — a welcome change!

Source: Markets could move in a higher P/E band: Religare Securities

The market is actually behaving as if there is no execution risk in anything at all, so the stock prices are reacting to a lot of news flows without projects actually getting commissioned or scheduled. This remains a risk, as we don’t know how the execution will actually pan out. The positive is that we could possibly see growth for these companies getting into a new orbit but it is not going to happen immediately. These are long gestation businesses, so execution is something that one needs to watch out for.

Source: Positive on Infrastructure, Financials: Kotak Mahindra Capital

It is very difficult to predict a level, but the fact remains that we are seeing a great amount of liquidity and just a virtual rush, which is the reason why people are just buying everything in sight and you are seeing stocks and the index reach dizzying levels. So, I think as long as liquidity continues to be strong, you are likely to see a strong market.

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