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Lame Advertising: The Aditya Birla Group — When Animators Go Wild

It’s generally a bad sign when an advertisement production team is composed of only animators. Because, what you then produce will look something similar to this:

Taking India To The World – Part 1

Taking India To The World – Part 2

My only question to the Aditya Birla group: WTF mate? Did you even consider viewing this advertisement internally before unleashing it on the country?


I hate Part 2 more because it was senselessly aired every couple of minutes during the ICC World Cup 2007. This is what I had said back then:

In marketing, it is said that one of the more effective ways to ensure brand (or product) recall is to bombard the consumer with repeated advertising. There’s a limit to bombarding. That’s a basic fact which seems to have escaped the minds of marketers who are advertising during this world cup. Viewing the ICC World Cup 2007’s telecast on Sony’s television channels, I have already begun to hate these brands: Aditya Birla Group (what a pathetic excuse for an ad), Rin (aka. Surf Excel), Nokia, Motorola, Hero Honda, Hyundai Santro Xing et al.

Their idea of bombarding is to slap advertisements in your face at five-minute intervals. The first time I saw the new Nokia and Motorola ads, I was impressed. The 100th time I saw the same ads, I was swearing. Agreed, you need to advertise in multiple slots to reach a broader audience. But advertising (the same ad) in between every over and every wicket, or simply whenever you get a chance (player limping off, ball being swapped, etc.) is overboard. There are better ways to spend all that marketing money.

In response to which Goutham had insightfully said:

SRK has probably reached the heights of sarcasm in that Santro ad. He epitomizes the immature Indian attitude towards cars with that song of his with Preity. He understands an average Indian too well!!!

What do you think?

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