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Lame Advertising: Where Are The Shark’s Teeth Mate?

Advertisements can’t get any lamer than this ad for Shark Tooth cassettes and CDs.

What’s the connection between a pet shark that functions as a dredging machine at the first whistle, a confused whistler, and cassettes and CDs? Did you observe that at no point during the commercial do you actually see the shark’s teeth? At least one could have [dis]connected with the brand name then.

4 thoughts on “Lame Advertising: Where Are The Shark’s Teeth Mate?

  1. Thanks Goutham. I was wondering what you would say about this one. It’s a pathetic waste of time and money. As Sturgeon’s law says: “Ninety percent of everything is crud.” It’s especially true for the current crop of Indian advertisements.

    Vihsu … didn’t get what you are referring to.

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