Dangerous Quotes In A Bull Market #3

Today’s dangerous quotes are ample proof that “experts,” especially in all matters monetary, are no better off than the layman. Read every word – they’re diamonds.

Source: An expert interview featured on CNBC/MoneyControl – Domestic fundamentals quite strong: Principal O(x)us Investment.

All in all, 10% from these levels is certainly very doable, which puts us around 19,000 by December. I think 20,000 is a nice round number that somewhere, sometime between now and March, is a 60% probability. So, it is not a bad bet.

Can you please share the spreadsheet that you used to arrive at this statistical conclusion? Nice round numbers? Give me a break mate! And which March are you talking about? 2008? 2009? 2020? Or even further?

When the market has the probability of 50-50%, 50% going up and 50% going down, you should have some of your portfolio in fixed income. But not when the market has something like an 80% chance of going up. It has consistently done that for four years, this is the fifth year.

Again, can you please share this spreadsheet too? I’d be indebted.

My advice to conservative investors is to be 100% in equities and within equities, you balance your portfolio with those that are relatively stable, those that are out of favour.

Mate, do you know the difference between being conservative and being speculative? I wouldn’t let you touch a rupee of my money.

So if you want to be conservative, you play it within the stock portfolio, not try and do that and try and do those. Either one of which, is liable to give you a few percentage points but not much more.

If you have to do it as a business because you are trader with a bank in fixed income, you can do it, but not as a retail investor. Retail investor should really be in equities. Within equities the retail investor as well other investors make their choices about how risky a portfolio to have.

WTF (acronym for What The Fuck) dude? I am speechless.

I think it’s about time SEBI initiated proceedings against CNBC/MoneyControl for publishing such “exclsuive interviews with experts.”

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