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Readings for October, 2007

I’ve already bought these books for reading in October. If you’ve read or are reading any, drop a comment detailing your thoughts about the book/author.

Seldom do I come out of a bookstore empty handed. I read a book and if I think that someone I know might benefit by reading that book, I make it a point to forcibly put that book in their hands.

For example, M has Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, S has Jack Welch’s Winning, A has Sridhar Ramanujam’s One Land, one Billion Minds; Insights on Branding in India, V has Peter F. Drucker’s The Daily Drucker: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done, and N has Muhammad Yunus’ Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty.

Note: None of these books has come back to me. Either I am doing a great job or there’s something suspicious going on.

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