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Tweets on 2007-09-17

  • How cool is this for a marketing message?


    Who wants it?

    We certainly don’t subscribe to one.

    And neither would we wish such a blasphemy on your work life. Work is fluid, work is laid back, work is Friday. Which is why, like always, we’re twisting the rules and barging in with Friday Culture. A collection of shirts that holds the classic by the collar and goads it to let its hair down. So you’ll see the all so familiar Oxford stripes criss crossed with bars of color and the plain weaves take on a new personality with fil-a-fil.

    Friday is the Allen Solly culture.

    What’s yours?

  • A well written backgrounder by Deepak Parekh, Chairman, HDFC on the subprime woes – The moral of the sub-prime tale. And here’s some food for thought (from that article):

    Malls are mushrooming everywhere; Indians are shopping but are they ‘buying’?

    It’s a thought I get every time I step into a mall. How many times have you gone to a mall and actually bought something? Or is the only money you spend, at the food court?

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  1. I am coming in November and If u are free give me a shout coz we shall go out for a Pizza..long awaited..also I would like to purchase some Allen solly trousers..absolutely essential for me to wear during mondays and not fridays :D

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