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Tweets on 2007-09-11

  • We’re back after being down for close to seventeen hours. Turns out that shifting stuff from one datacenter to another is quite a complex task. No matter how solid your business/disaster recovery plans are, there’s always an unanticipated surprise or two waiting to catch you unawares. But full credit to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET for keeping its customers updated at every step. Check this status page to see what I am talking about. Great going guys. You have just delivered another “Wow!” experience.

  • Asked what he thought the US Federal Reserve was going to announce in a week’s time, Nilesh Shah of ICICI Prudential had this to say:

    We always go by what the Fed futures are saying because, all these global investment banks have three analysts; one will say Fed will cut, other will say, Fed will not cut and the third will say, Fed will remain neutral. So they are always right but I don’t make money out of them.

    So much for expert opinion.

  • Management consultancy firm McKinsey had this to say about India’s life insurance industry:

    Our research suggests that the Indian life insurance industry could witness a rise in the insurance sector premiums between 5.1% and 6.2% of GDP in 2012, from the current 4.1%. Total market premiums are likely to more than double during this period, from about $40 billion to $80-100 billion. This implies a higher annual growth in new business annual premium equivalent (APE) of 19% to 23% from 2007 to 2012.

    Know what’s the funny part? You handover your hard earned money to the insurance company, the insurance company “invests” that money on your behalf, the insurance company continuously shows record profits, and you get peanuts in return (if at all you get anything). As someone told me the other day:

    The moment I heard that the money is given to someone after my death [and that I don’t get to see a pie] was the moment I decided that life insurance is not for me.

    Tip: Just try applying for a pure term-insurance policy from a life insurance company and you’ll quickly understand what I am talking about.

    And as Om Malik once said:

    According to McKinsey nearly 60% of CIOs are currently considering software-as-a-service model. If you factor in the lag-factor typical of McKinsey reports (aka a year after the fact), the SAAS movement is well under way.

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