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Tweets on 2007-09-10

After a brief – ok, long – hiatus, the Tweets make a comeback. A comment that the Notary – he’s disappeared, hasn’t he? – made sometime back during a conversation stuck in my mind and that’s why you’re seeing the Tweets again. Have fun reading them and let me know what you think of them.

  • How did I realize that I have spent a considerable chunk of my life in the passionate pursuit of technology? At Crossword, I read the title of Robin Cook’s novel “COMA” as “CDMA.”

  • If you’ve ever wondered what Rainbow Tables were, the Coding Horror blog has a great explanation on Rainbow Hash Cracking. It’s also one of the few blogs that I am addicted to.

  • HSBC’s getting pretty good at lame marketing techniques. First it was those umbrellas-for-your-fixed-deposits. Now you can get an attractive pen on applying for your pre-approved personal loan from HSBC. In my case, I have been pre-approved for Rs. 540,000. I never asked anyone to pre-approve me for anything. Oddly enough, I had registered my mobile number on HSBC’s website as “do not disturb.” But hey, with the DNC kicking in, I guess these private databases don’t count anymore.

One thought on “Tweets on 2007-09-10

  1. What a co-incidence with your 1st line tweet u mistakenly interpreted ‘COMA’ as ‘CDMA’.. I am these days so much involved in Nanotechnology, that one day when I was reading a profile on Orkut which said Passions : Photography- I interpretted it as “Photolithography”(A Fabrication technique which is used on a microscale).. If someone said “Dust particles”, I hear it as ‘Nanoparticles’, I am infested & Smitten with Nanotechnology bug.. Even god would fail to convince me if he says Nanotech is not my cup of tea..haha :D

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