Featured On Techdirt: Music Without Borders — How Amazon Can Go One-Up On iTunes

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My article (reproduced below) on Amazon’s MP3 service was recently featured on Techdirt: Recently, we mentioned that Amazon’s MP3 Download Store got the DRM-free part right but screwed up on the pricing model — the real Achilles heel of iTunes. As it turns out there’s another angle from which Amazon could go one-up on iTunes: […]

Dangerous Quotes In A Bull Market #3

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Today’s dangerous quotes are ample proof that “experts,” especially in all matters monetary, are no better off than the layman. Read every word – they’re diamonds. Source: An expert interview featured on CNBC/MoneyControl – Domestic fundamentals quite strong: Principal O(x)us Investment. All in all, 10% from these levels is certainly very doable, which puts us […]

Lame Advertising: What MasterCard Completely Forgot To Tell You

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There are two sequential phases involved when you use your credit card: the first is the time interval between your usage of the credit card and the cut-off date for billing; the second is the time interval between the billing date and the payment due date. The MasterCard “priceless” series of advertisements, however, try to […]

Readings for October, 2007

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I’ve already bought these books for reading in October. If you’ve read or are reading any, drop a comment detailing your thoughts about the book/author. Jagdish N. Sheth’s The Self-Destructive Habits of Good Companies: …And How to Break Them (Hardcover). Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail How Endless Choice Is Creating Unlimited Demand (Paperback). I didn’t […]

Tweets on 2007-09-21

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In a recent interview about the Indian auto industry published by India Knowledge@Wharton, John Paul MacDuffie says: Hyundai is the real surprise. They came in relatively [recently] and built a plant that was almost an exact duplicate of a plant in Korea. This included lots of automation, which you wouldn’t expect. They made the Sonata, […]

Tweets on 2007-09-15

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Photo album: Pictures from my trip to the Chenna Keshava Temple at Belur. Breathtaking! Photo album: Pictures of Gowri – Ganesha festival shot at my sister’s house. I have upgraded to a Canon PowerShot SD850 IS – a delightfully portable digital camera. My PowerShot A95’s internals have gone for a toss and I am yet […]

Tweets on 2007-09-14

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I was hooked to these thoughts for quite some time today. In 1959, Benjamin Graham (author of The Intelligent Investor) had this to say about Initial Public Offerings (IPOs): Somewhere in the middle of the bull market the first common-stock flotations [i.e. IPOs] make their appearance. These are priced not unattractively, and some large profits […]

Lame Marketing: Funsters And Their Economic Significance To Airtel

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How do you think Airtel’s gearing up to propel forward in the ultra-competitive Indian telecom market? By “embarking on a significant shift in its marketing strategy” through “reorganizing users into different segments based on attitude, adoption of value added services, and revenues generated per user.” It seems Airtel had a one-size-fits-all demographic segmentation up to […]

Tweets on 2007-09-11

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We’re back after being down for close to seventeen hours. Turns out that shifting stuff from one datacenter to another is quite a complex task. No matter how solid your business/disaster recovery plans are, there’s always an unanticipated surprise or two waiting to catch you unawares. But full credit to NearlyFreeSpeech.NET for keeping its customers […]

Tweets on 2007-09-10

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After a brief – ok, long – hiatus, the Tweets make a comeback. A comment that the Notary – he’s disappeared, hasn’t he? – made sometime back during a conversation stuck in my mind and that’s why you’re seeing the Tweets again. Have fun reading them and let me know what you think of them. […]