Spending Statistics for August, 2007


  • Overall expenses down 10.80% compared to June, 2007 and continues a declining trend (see figure titled “Expenses: 7-month Trend”).

  • July, 2007 was the first month where I tried adhering to a budget. The overall result is quite positive: I spent 4.09% less than my estimated budget. I think that’s one small step in the right direction. Individual budget items went haywire though. Something to think about this month.

  • EMIs continue to be a pain in the neck. If God were to grant me one wish, I would wish for an EMI-free life.
  • For August, 2007, I am sticking with the same total budget but with different allocations to individual expense items.

  • I am still not comfortable providing absolute values. I’ll stick with the percentages for now.

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