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Twisted Math: From XXL to M at inspirations

Here’s a tough math equation. Got this one from an inspirations™ (a slimming and beauty clinic for men and women) advertisement.

XXL to M

We’ll help you trim down to size. Just for Rs.2999/- 5 Kgs Weight Loss + 5 Tummy Trims + 5 Inch Loss Sessions. For details SMS SLIM to 6767.


x = Cost per kg lost
y = Cost per tummy trim and
z = Cost per inch loss session


5x + 5y + 5z = 2999 or

x + y + z = 599.80

We’ve just hit a roadblock – 3 unknowns and just 1 equation. Drop a comment if you can crack this one.

3 thoughts on “Twisted Math: From XXL to M at inspirations

  1. It is an ugly trend that all blog entries are getting commented by M, R, S. And Mr. Vinaya, you started it all. It does not make a good reading … say after a year somebody revisits a classic entry. For me names add a special sentimental value. Aren’t you guys fed up of working out Algebraic equations with x, y and z in school. Grow up.

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