Adhyatma Chintane – Issue #13: Classification Of The Vedas

Veda Vyasa classified the Vedas into four divisions and preached it to four different people who were also referred to as the pravartakas. Let us know who they are:

  • The Rig Veda was preached to Paila.

  • The Yajur Veda was actually preached to two people: kRiShNa Yajur Veda to Vaishampayana and shukla Yajur Veda to Soorya.

  • The Saama Veda was preached to Jaimini.

  • The Atharva Veda was preached to Sumantu.

If anybody has additional information on this please let me know.

Naham Kartha Harih Kartha


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3 thoughts on “Adhyatma Chintane – Issue #13: Classification Of The Vedas

  1. Why so?? I mean why didn’t he preach it to a single person?? is the content of all the Vedas same??or is it too vast to be understood by a single person??and why is that some people are affiliated(if I can call that) to only rig veda..and some to saama veda..and so on?? what’s the significance of that?? too many questions?? I was just curious or should I say ignorant??

  2. before the classification of vedas, it was too vast and misintrepreted by all, so lord himself took the avatar and made it easy for people. its basically de-centralization. rig veda mainly consists of padhyas, yagur veda is gadhyas, saama vedas is songs, atarva veda is with various kinds of scienfitic experiments kind of a thing
    regarding ppl being affiliated the would be the ansectors of the pravarakas. u are right vedas are too vast and it takes ages to study all of them, so atleast if they give u some syllabus u can study according to that. of course no limits u to study only the veda to which u belong. the first preference should be for that. We call antho vai vedaH. in the vedic ages there was no practice of writing it was just passed on from guru to sishya. in this way 90% of the vedas are lost. we have only around 10% in written form which itself is too huge. we are gradully lossing that 10% also since nobody is studying that
    Please come back with more, i will try and answer

    naaham kartaa hariH kartaa

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