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Review: The Mahindra Logan On First Glance

The Mahindra Logan is about as hideous (def. so extremely ugly as to be terrifying) as cars can get. You have to see the car straight from behind to understand my horror.

My split-second reaction:

“What’s that fucking thing in front of me!”

Several seconds later, I realized that it was the Mahindra Logan – the wide-bodied car that no one really asked for. I’d love to read the market research report that Mahindra-Renault referred to when launching this embarrassment.

Notary, S, and A concur with me.

14 thoughts on “Review: The Mahindra Logan On First Glance

  1. Swalpa jaasti aitu annislilva ninge? Paapa avaru car hegadru design madli, neenantu togolalla adanna, teera ishtu baitaara.

    Yes, Logan is a disappointing, considering the hype it generated. Seriously under-powered. But in a country that is gearing up for a $3k car, this is expected. You need market research, .. for what? There is a big line up of sub-standard cars coming up behind Tata and Maruti with their (ridiculous) 600cc cars. The main idea is competing against Auto-rickshaws, i guess.

    In India, cheap is always best.

  2. Ilvo. Janakke heegella mosa maada baaradhu. Adanna hinde indha ondu sala nodu … ninage bhaya aagade idre, i will get you a treat. The latest issue of Overdrive had an artist’s rendering of Tata’s 1-lac car. Enukku jaaga ilvo adaralli.

  3. Vinay.. Are you aware that Mahindra Logan is advertising on this very page??!! LOL!! I bet you’re laughing really loud and hard.. (just as I am)

  4. Going by the reviews accross different sites, Logan appears to be a no-nonsense, frugal, low cost car. Since last three days I am trying to get a call back from the Thane dealer of this vehicle and inspite of my several calls, they could not find the time / inclination to call me back. I am worried that if the pre-sales response is so good, what will happen poste-sales.

    Going by the previous comments, yes all that is cheap, goes well in India, and after seeing some 45 countries, I feel that the whole world thinks that way : )), the only difference is that other countrymen do not belittle their country at the slightest provocation, unless they are upstarts. Regarding 600 CC cars, one may be aware, that such cars are available for quite sometime in several european and far east countries.

  5. Those calling the car hideous and an embarassment might have been born in Mercs or BMWs!!!!
    Or may have spent their childhood spoiling the seats of a Rolls Royce or Lamborghini!!!!
    Or might have spent their teens burning the rubber of Ferrari’s or Porsche’s!!!!

    Guys be realistic and don’t over exaggerate. Considering the space available and condition of the roads we have here, its a car built for the conditions.
    Unless, there are people who often drive off to US of A on weekends.

  6. we pepople should give our coments on the features of the prodect and compare the same with the same group of cars,how one can give such stupid remarks without any true evaluation.Don’t forget ” While in rome do as romen do ” we r indians and so as we do care of money as we are erring in Rupees not in $dollers.

  7. I hope the people wanted the response on the technical issues on LOGAN as far as the review is concerned. I would appreciate if someone drop a few lines on the performance and build of the car instead of wasting time on writing stupid things.

  8. I was waiting eagerly for LOGAN to be available here in Trivandrum. But with so many contradicting reports started having doubts. Just about a few hours back, took a test drive. It cleared all my confusion. Just asked for an Order form and gave a cheque. That’s it.
    Drive it and you will know that it is a good car. After all you are not buying a ferari or a limo. It is a practical VFM car that you need, which is comfortable to drive around ( I would say- is a pleasure to drive) and looks good.

  9. Hey Bal & Jitsu,

    Totally agree with you….you need to drive it to feel the experience. Would I suggest it to anyone? YES- but only if you want a value for money car sub INR 500000!

    I just bought a Logan GLE 1.4 under the Dusshera scheme. Onroad cost was INR 4.58 Lac in Delhi (or just about $11400).

    Decided to get the power windows, music system, headrest, rooftop, fog lamps, PC trip meter, side beadings and other accessories added from an outside car accessories vendor-presto! Within INR 525000, I had converted it to the GLS model, which is the highest model available currently in the 1.4 petro variant- on road price from showroom is INR 576000, so I saved a cool 50K)

    Now about the comfort… this car is really spacious on the rear seat..having owned a Santro & a Honda City, this car feels like sitting in a mini size aircraft. Driver’s seat is comfortable, ample leg space. Driving at 80Kms/hr, you dont feel the bumpy roads of Delhi & Gurgaon owing to its large wheelbase.

    The car does however have a small purring noise which I negated by putting additional rubber lining on the front windshield and a good SONY Explode music system with tweeters in front.

    Average? On City with AC, it’s giving me an average of 13 (I’ve already driven 5000 Kms). Without AC, it zipped up to 17 (I tested it over 100 Kms or approx 6 litres of petrol just to be sure it wasn’t a fluke!)

    Top speed-Touched 150 Km on the highway (Delhi-Chandigarh) but was not sure about its braking power, so I did not try it over a long distance.

    Colors- I went for the misty silver and found Torreador Red also attractive.

    Bootspace- A usurp and definite ve, I could fit in a pram, a 4 year old’s kid bicycle, two large suitcases for a week’s trip to Manali for a family of 5 people (3 adults & two kiddos) plus had enough space to get in the same quantity again. I don’t think both the Honda City & Santro put together would be able to get that much stuff packed in. It’s aero-dynamic interior shape (though strange looking from the backside exteriors) provided the leverage to store max-to-max in its bootspace.

    Pickup/ Performance- Not a car to zip when the red light turns green, this car’s vice is that you need to treat it like a lady. I could see better performance when I added ipetro boosters (about INR 500 for 2 litres, which is added to the petrol once in 3 months), but then I purchased this car not for speed, but for driving comfort.

    The interiors are a bit tacky (unlike the City which is a TITANIC within itself), the dashboard could do with a bit of color/ better ergenomics and the car does have a plastic look to it. Adding a rooftop in all models would make it more zingy & sport looking.

    All in all, I would call it a Value-for-money car. The only downside I found was the marketing. The company voice reps I called up at their Mumbai toll free center did not have any idea of the current schemes nor could provide details of how many cars had been sold/ gone into production since release. The saleslady at the showroom(except the one I dealt with) really did not seem to enthusiastic to entertain customers and were more interested in afternoon chit-chat). For a car that’s just been released, I would expect that all sales would be focussed on it.

    Another takeup note for Mahindra: ICICI & Reliance are not the only banks available….try looking at other Indian banks who provide cheaper finance options…after all customer is aware of what’s there in the market. If you want to be a leader, learn to get the basic marketing techniques right!

  10. I am going for logan DLE model. As per my research It is really good car and value for money.

    My 2 friends who already has logan they are really happy with the performance. As per them in city they are getting average 22 and in highway they got 24.

    I think before commenting you should we very clear what you are saying and should do proper research. Just don’t go by gossips. There are people who comment with knowing the basics and those who rated poor in performance they fall in such category.

    Look wise i say it is poor compared to other cars. but for small budget of 6lakhs it is best car

  11. I bought a logan diesel after lots of feedback from friends and the review sites. Everyone was giving it thumbs up for performance and mileage.
    I have driven it for approx 10000 km in two months and feel that I can write a review.
    I would review it on many aspects –

    My car had problem with the handbrake not working just after 5 days of first service. I have made more than 100 calls and 10+ visits to get it repaired but nobody cares to repair it. They just keep saying that the part has not arrived and they are waiting for it since last almost two months now. If that’s the way they will serve their customers for such a trivial problem, then GOD help them. They don’t even bother to call back to inform the status even after assurance from their so called service managers and brach managers that they will inform us.

    Been driving without handbrakes for last two months and still no information on the availability of replacement part . If you are planning to buy a logan I would suggest you rethink because they have the worst service attitude.

    Even the M&M site has no option to lodge a complaint directly with the company.
    I understand that the whole system is being imported from Renault and thus they have no stock of spares over here. The rising euro have contributed to even costlier spares.

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