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Tweets on 2007-07-04

  • Airtel is nuts too. Their portal is a classic example of how not to integrate two IT systems. Enter your username and password on the main page and voila, a new page pops-up asking you, yet again, for your username and password. If you’re patient enough to go behind the scenes, you’ll probably find it to be a mess of server redirections. My guess is that the folks at Airtel do not believe in “eating their own dog food.” Further, the thing needs Internet Explorer to function correctly. It refuses to login if you’re on Firefox. So much for IT!

  • I think the agent who sold me this Airtel corporate connection has sold my number for a song. I am now officially a victim of telemarketing – credit cards, loans, accident relief carer, et al. G, I don’t want to see the look on your face. G, by the way, has an interesting take on BSNL’s weak signals vs. Airtel’s agent-induced spam. He’s 100% right. No signal, no spam. Brilliant!

  • Just received a quote for my car repairs. It’s enough to push my vitals into the red.

  • I guess I have rediscovered my love for blogging. Now you tell me if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

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