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Tweets on 2007-07-02

  • A terrible way to begin the week – had an accident that involved a 3-car 1-bike sandwich on Airport Road. None of us were at fault. It’s one of those accidents that just happen. My car’s bonnet and front & rear bumpers are non-existent. Damn! A cop came along and asked a simple question: “Do you guys wish to file complaints or will you individually claim insurance?” Obviously, we chose to the insurance route. Reminds me of that new kannada song “Ommomme heegu aaguvudu…”

  • ICICI Bank is nuts. On Sunday, I call to cancel my unused-since-two-years credit card and they question the credibility of my birth date! “Please check again, Sir,” said the CSE. Jesus Christ. Don’t blame me if you haven’t entered the correct data in the first place.

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