It’s An Honor To Be Featured On TechDirt

A recent white paper on the Apple iPhone that I wrote for TechDirt’s Insight Community has been featured on the TechDirt website:

TIC’s Picks: How Can Others Respond To The iPhone?

Vinaya HS explains why it’s a mistake for other device makers to simply copy the iPhone, rather than leapfrogging it with new innovations (even though he knows that’s where they’re heading). He also plays up the benefit of separating the device from the operator (and ending operator subsidies).

It’s an honor to be featured on TechDirt. Let me know what you think of the article.

One thought on “It’s An Honor To Be Featured On TechDirt

  1. First,read this article as it showed up on Google News, very insightful and well written.

    I forwarded the link to my husband he took a peek at your web page and we both are very happy to read and learn from your writings. Thanks for the efforts , will keep visiting.


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