Adhyatma Chintane – Issue #10: Why Was Arjuna Called “Savyasachi?”


You would all know that one of the names given to Arjuna was “Savyasachi.” He got this name because he was able to use his weapons with equal ease with both of his hands. In English, we call this as being ambidextrous.

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Naham Kartha Harih Kartha


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6 thoughts on “Adhyatma Chintane – Issue #10: Why Was Arjuna Called “Savyasachi?”

  1. Hi Vinay,
    What you wrote about savyasachi is right, but I think there is more to it than just saying ambidextrous. I have heard the learned gurus tell that Mahabharata is not just a story of fight between the kauravas and pandavas but it is a text of psychological learning for every human being.

    In that sense what they say is, a person has 2 sides of brain, the left being the one which uses logic and the right being the one which uses emotions. Any person who has the ability to use the both sides of the brain with balance only has the ability to realize the spirit or god.

    If you observe, a too person who is too logical keeps trying to search for proof and to understand the god logically. He never feels the experience and he can never experience god. A person who is too emotional just does not even think, he blindly follows the rituals without understanding anything. Take the example of people offering animals/money to god.

    I think Arjuna was one such person with the balance and it could be the reason why Krishna who is the god himself told Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna.


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