It’s An Honor To Be Featured On TechDirt

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A recent white paper on the Apple iPhone that I wrote for TechDirt’s Insight Community has been featured on the TechDirt website: TIC’s Picks: How Can Others Respond To The iPhone? Vinaya HS explains why it’s a mistake for other device makers to simply copy the iPhone, rather than leapfrogging it with new innovations (even […]

Tweets on 2007-06-20

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It’s been a long hiatus. One fine morning, I woke up to discover that I was no longer passionate about blogging! I don’t fully understand why that happened, but it did. As G’s latest comment on the latest Adhyatma Chintane says: This blog needs some Red Bull. Any donors? Shortly we will see this on […]

Adhyatma Chintane – Issue #8: The Meaning of the Word “Mahabharata”

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Namaskara, Today, we will learn the meaning of the term “Mahabharata.” “Mahatvat bharavatvat cha MahaBharatham uchyate.” Meaning of the shloka: Since the epic is of great significance and it is very heavy it was called “Mahabharatha.” The Mahabharatha contains one lac (100,000) shlokas and is most likely the largest epic ever written. All of us […]