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Tweets on 2007-05-29

On the way to office, encountered the following obstacles on Intermediate Ring Road:

  • At the National Games Village signal, there’s a glorious and empty Intermediate Ring Road in front of me. The signal goes green. I am stuck behind a two-wheeler that fails to start. The glorious and empty Intermediate Ring Road disappears.
  • 100 metres into IRR (Intermediate Ring Road; not to be confused with Internal Rate of Return), encounter a stubborn auto-rickshaw hugging the centre strip. Make a manoeuvre that would have left Michael Schumacher a nervous wreck, but one that wouldn’t have ruffled The Notary a bit. (Anoop, I am expecting a comment from you.)
  • Half-way through IRR, encounter a Maruti Omni sleep-walking on the right lane. I doubt if they would drive any different on the Autobahn.
  • At the final curve, encounter a motorbike sleep-walking on the right lane. This is the worst nightmare for a car driver.
  • On the final stretch just before the Airport Road flyover, encounter a cycle whose rider decided to hop across from the other side of the median.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a typical day on Intermediate Ring Road.

2 thoughts on “Tweets on 2007-05-29

  1. hahah lol….poor u…u have to face this everyday ?=))

    take my advice
    hone ur sling shot skills….:d so nxt time arnd u can be better prepared to return the favour to (yellow boards) auto guys :p

  2. Yep..I will always comment on this..But to say honestly u gotta admire Notary’s Car handling skills :-), you & me have been driving car’s for long enough & we cannot compete with notary haha..The only person who can challenge Notary’s skills is another Notary himself. With him driving in that sick bangalore traffic, me & you sitting behind in his Ferrari Maruti 800 I guess me & you will be as scared as a chicken being chased by a Hound dog..hahaha :-(

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