Adhyatma Chintane – Issue #6: About the Tulasi

Tulana Nasti ithi Tulasi.

Tulasi leaves should not be plucked on the following days: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday, on Dwadashi, during Poornima and Amavasya, Sankranthi, during afternoons, evenings, or during nights, and during Grahana. We can reapply the Tulasi which was offered to God the previous day. The sanctity of Tulasi remains for 10 days, then it should not be reapplied. These things are said in “Tulasi Stotram” which occurs in Brahmanda Purana.

Even while plucking Tulasi – or for that matter any fruit/flower – we have to say “Keshavarthe Chinome tvam Tulasi Kshamasva” meaning, we are doing this act of plucking as an offering to God, so please forgive us.

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Naham Kartha Harih Kartha


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