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Microsoft to Give Email IDs for Every Kind of Indian – What Kind Are You?

Let’s begin with a quick poll. How many among you would be interested in proudly owning – and more importantly, checking – the following email accounts:


Now, how many among you think that owning such email addresses makes you unique? Do they tell you what kind of Indian you are?

This hare-brained scheme is Microsoft’s idea of “providing a unique email id for every kind of Indian powered by Windows Live Hotmail.” Indian’s powered by Windows Live Hotmail? Wow! Microsoft’s forged ahead with this nonsense by unveiling an email id for the residents of Lokhandwala (in Andheri, Mumbai), who run the website

“The residents of Lokhandwala will now have their own email ids through Users can have ids such as and enjoy all the added features of Windows Live Hotmail. Similarly, we aim to deliver an email id for every kind of Indian which truly reflects their identity and personality,” said Jaspreet Bindra, Country Manager, Online Services Group India, Microsoft.

And you conveniently forgot to mention about those [possible] free passes to the yet to be released Shootout at Lokhandwala.

What a scam! Are you that desperate to get people to sign up? Don’t insult our feelings towards nationality with your insane marketing campaigns.

And congratulations Rahul – whoever you are – for acquiring your lovely email id

“Our research shows that email is actually a part of one’s own identity,” says Microsoft. Oh really? Thanks for reminding me. And, by the way, how much did you pay for this research? “People use email as the primary mode of contact and hence it is important to have an email id which is unique.” How dumb (or unique) would you look with an email address such as on your resume or business card?

Microsoft claims this to be the first step towards customizing email for consumers in India. If this is the first step, I am too scared to ask what the subsequent steps are.

Oh, by the way, do people still use Hotmail?


Read the full press release.

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