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Tweets on 2007-05-23

There’s a new VLCC flyer that’s doing the rounds with the morning newspaper. Let me know if the following messages printed on the flyer inspire you to sign up. My comments are in parentheses.

  • The only place where LOSERS win! (Spot on!)
  • VLCC keeps you stunning at 20 and gorgeous at 40. (And in between?)
  • Lose Now. Pay Later. (How ironic! Hidden message?)
  • Lose up to 5 kgs @ Rs. 4500/- (The stakes are up. It’s now 900 bucks a kilo. Previous analysis here, here, and here.)
  • Get rid of Unwanted Body Hair with our Latest Technology. Laser Hair Removal performed by experienced doctors. Suitable for all Indian & Asian skin types. (Bad luck if you are a Westerner.) No Scars. No Marks.

Heights of lending: This letter from ICICI Bank.

Holiday this May and pay back by May 2008, or May 2009, or May 2010, or May 2011.

Dear Mr. Vinaya,

Holiday in exotic locales with your entire family and pay back in easy installments. That’s right, Mr. Vinaya, we have pre-approved a loan on your ICICI Bank Credit Card of up to Rs. 455,040. Blah blah blah. Here’s the best part. You can get this amount within 72 hours (if you have an ICICI Bank Account) or within 5 working days by Demand Draft. Blah blah blah.

My thoughts: One heavenly holiday followed by 4 years of hell. The wise guy who schemed this up must be out of his mind.

2 thoughts on “Tweets on 2007-05-23

  1. Hey How come me & you competed with each other and achieved in getting thinner without VLCC’s help? haha..I guess me & you should start an anti VLCC campaign, to show not only laser treatments and etc are the solution to burn fat..But real excericise like brisk walking, Jogging & yoga give long term results..:-)

  2. Lo baaro VLCC ge hogee sign up aagana naanu neenu..Saying we want to grow fat antha..let us see if they pass electric current to grow fat in our already thin bodies hahahahah :-)

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