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Tweets on 2007-05-21

  • Had been to a Fiat Palio showroom sometime back – to help a friend out. The Palio’s a weird vehicle. The driver’s seat has you admiring the sky rather than the road. There are no separate turn indicators. Using the glove box gives the impression that you are up to something naughty. And where’s that tow hook? Give me the Santro anyday.
  • Thank God. My friend has decided to ditch his Palio plans. You should too.
  • We’re planning to test drive the Hyundai Verna today. Yummy!
  • Update: The Hyundai Verna is an absolute beauty to drive. It’s got ooooomphs of power at your right foot’s disposal. The shocks simply ate up the speed bumps inside our campus.

2 thoughts on “Tweets on 2007-05-21

  1. For me Palio is a very good car. Very stable, rock solid build and sturdy. Infact I loved the handling more than anything else. The biggest drawback and the one that drove me away from Palio is their very poor service record.

    Infact the new Swift Diesel uses a Fiat engine, heard that is pretty good too.

  2. U drove Hyundai Verna! :o :O.. Oh nooo Im so jealous of you, Im missing everything here, especially when I sit in a Mercedes Benz taxi and admire driving skills of the driver :-(

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