The Nokia 3109: Basic Instincts

Nokia 3110 ClassicLast week, Avinash and I had a chat about the current state of mobile phones. We wished for a simple mobile phone that would just let us talk, message, and get on with our lives. I don’t need – to quote Avinash – a “multi-device franchise.” To my surprise, Nokia’s just about granted my wish with the new Nokia 3109.

Says John Barry, Director, Mobile Phones, Nokia: “We recognize that a sizable number of people just want a mobile phone to stay in touch on their own terms. For these individuals, and for companies who want to support their employees by providing a mobile phone, the Nokia 3109 classic offers strong functionality and adheres to certain corporate privacy and security policies.”

[What you see in the above picture is the Nokia 3110 Classic. The Nokia 3109’s official pictures have not yet been released. My guess is it would look just like the 3110 sans the camera at the back.]

A quick look at the specifications:

  • 256K color display
  • 4 hours talk time; Up to 16 days stand-by time
  • microSD slot (max 2GB)
  • 2,000 entry phonebook
  • Integrated hands-free speaker; Organizer with calendar, to-do list and notes; PC suite with USB; Bluetooth connectivity; Music player; E-mail client with attachments

Although there’s no mention about the 3109’s dimensions, I expect it to be a sleek device. The keypad looks decent enough. Battery life would have been much higher but for the 256K color screen (a color depth which I think is really not necessary). I have no idea why a music player’s been thrown in – another good example of feature abuse.

The 3109’s expected in Q2, 2007 and has an estimated retail price of €140. There’s no word on when the 3109 will hit Indian shores.

Link: Nokia 3109 Press Release.

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