Adhyatma Chintane – Issue #4: The Proper Technique for Consuming Food

Please read through patiently and understand.

In our sampradaya, taking food is a yagna. So, one should never get up in between meals. Once you take aposhana, it means yagna has started and will end once you take the aposhana again at the end.

A morsel of food once taken in hand should be taken in full. If that is put back on the plate it is considered as “yanjalu” (half-eaten). For that matter even water once taken should be completely taken (cup of water).

As already mentioned, since the process of taking food is a yagna, ghee should always be used. Without this, food should not be taken. Abgara should always be done.

Food prepared before a yama (3 hours) should not be taken.

Food should always be taken in a sitting posture and never while standing.

Before taking food one should say the entire 15th chapter of Bhagavath Gita. If that is not possible, at least say the last five. If that is also not possible, say at least the below mentioned shloka from the same chapter:

Aham Vaishwanaro Bhuthva, praninam deham ashritaha
Prana Apana Sama yuktham Pachami Annam Chaturvidham

To do all these, in these modern times, is quite difficult. But please follow to the extent possible.

Feel free to offer your suggestion or correct any mistake in the comments section.

Naham Kartha Harih Kartha


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