Spending Statistics for April, 2007

Spending Statistics for April, 2007


  • Miscellaneous expenses account for nearly one-third of overall expenses primarily due to a car service bill. The service was long overdue and had to be done. Hopefully, May will see a drastic cut in this category.
  • Used my credit card for booking airline tickets to Mumbai and back (for my graduation). May should see a zero-charge on my credit card.
  • EMIs continue to haunt me! I still think of EMIs as a curse on mankind.
  • Overall expenses down 22.19% from March, which was a terribly expensive month. Expenditure on petrol down by a whopping 40.47%.

On the positive side, I get my first post-MBA salary in May. That’s something to look forward to. I plan to construct a savings and investment strategy towards the end of May.

Financial Goals Tracker:

Financial Goals Tracker

I am really disappointed. May’s going to be worser; I spoke for hours together while on national roaming.

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