Tweets on 2007-05-29

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On the way to office, encountered the following obstacles on Intermediate Ring Road: At the National Games Village signal, there’s a glorious and empty Intermediate Ring Road in front of me. The signal goes green. I am stuck behind a two-wheeler that fails to start. The glorious and empty Intermediate Ring Road disappears. 100 metres […]

Tweets on 2007-05-28

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It’s a BIG tweet today! I couldn’t have read “Banker to the Poor – The Story of the Grameen Bank,” by Muhammad Yunus at a better time. I had bought this book out of sheer boredom at a Landmark store in Chennai. Call it fate or karma or whatever, but this book’s put my mind […]

Tweets on 2007-05-27

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Continuing my thoughts on movies produced in the previous generation: Udaya Movies, today morning, aired the fantastic movie Malaya Maarutha starring Vishnuvardhan. This movie is worth watching many times over just for the realism in acting. In an interview published in today’s New Indian Express, Aamir Khan said it right: “When I am reading a […]

Tweets on 2007-05-26

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Check out Jezebel – the women’s magazine you won’t ever see on the newsstands. Jezebel’s mission is to cover celebrity, sex, and fashion for women — without airbrushing. Think of it as the sort of women’s media property that could never see the light of day in traditional print because the big-name advertisers and the […]

Tweets on 2007-05-25

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TGIF. If you are a Hallmark (the TV channel, not the store) addict, like I am, don’t miss today’s episode of Midsomer’s Murders. If you must, I think there’s a rerun on Sunday morning. Informed A about a superb writing/blogging opportunity. A’s the best guy around for this kind of role and I wish that […]

Microsoft to Give Email IDs for Every Kind of Indian – What Kind Are You?

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Let’s begin with a quick poll. How many among you would be interested in proudly owning – and more importantly, checking – the following email accounts: Now, how many among you think that owning such email addresses makes you unique? Do they tell you what kind of Indian you […]

Tweets on 2007-05-23

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There’s a new VLCC flyer that’s doing the rounds with the morning newspaper. Let me know if the following messages printed on the flyer inspire you to sign up. My comments are in parentheses. The only place where LOSERS win! (Spot on!) VLCC keeps you stunning at 20 and gorgeous at 40. (And in between?) […]

Tweets on 2007-05-21

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Had been to a Fiat Palio showroom sometime back – to help a friend out. The Palio’s a weird vehicle. The driver’s seat has you admiring the sky rather than the road. There are no separate turn indicators. Using the glove box gives the impression that you are up to something naughty. And where’s that […]

Tweets on 2007-05-18

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Quite a busy morning. Woke up at 04:15 for a swimming class from 05:00 to 06:00 followed by Fitness One from 06:05 to 07:05. Height of frustration: Slow drivers hugging the right lane on Intermediate Ring Road and acting deaf to your honking. Pinnacle of frustration: 2-wheelers sticking exactly to the centre strip on Intermediate […]

Tweets on 2007-05-16

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Switched to an AirTel corporate connection. I get 600 minutes and 200 SMSes free every month. I can finally have a 2-way talk. # Cooked up an Excel-based income tax calculator. Discovered that I’ll have nothing left at the end of the month. # I don’t want to be the only one left with nothing […]

Tweets on 2007-05-14

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Completed a long pending upgrade to WordPress 2.1.3. Everything looks good to go. Let me know if anything looks out of order. # Plugged in Alex King’s Twitter Tools. You should now be able to read a daily digest of my tweets. # Will probably head over tonight to Infinitea on Cunningham Road. Look around […]