Business & Management Issue #6 – From Diamonds to Chinese

The McKinsey Quarterly: When Chinese companies go global – An interview with Lenovo’s Mary Ma

An interview with Mary Ma, Senior VP and CFO at Lenovo, in which she talks about Chinese acquisitions abroad, the challenges of integrating companies across cultures, and the role of private-equity firms in providing business experience.

Knowledge@Wharton – Why Does Affect Matter in Organizations?

Interest in and research about affect in organizations have expanded dramatically in recent years (in organizational behavior theory, affect is an alias for emotion). This article reviews affect in organizations, focusing on how employees’ moods, emotions, and dispositional affect influence critical organizational outcomes such as job performance, decision making, creativity, turnover, prosocial behavior, teamwork, negotiation, and leadership. This review highlights pervasive and consistent effects, showing the importance of affect in shaping a wide variety of organizational behaviors, the knowledge of which is critical for researchers, managers, and employees.

HBS Working Knowledge: Are Great Teams Less Productive?

While studying teamwork, Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson chanced upon a seeming paradox: Well-led teams appeared to make more mistakes than average teams. Could this be true? As it turned out, good teams, which value communication, report more errors. In a recent research paper Edmondson and doctoral student Sara Singer explore this and other hidden barriers to organizational learning.

Knowledge@Wharton: How to Succeed in the Multi-faceted Diamond Business – The Gospel According to De Beers

If you have always wanted to know more about the diamond industry, this article’s a great start.

Tales from the archives: One minute email for a lifetime of happiness

Have you ever dreamnt of making your life happier as the days progress? I have. So, I subscribed some time back to Bruno Gideon’s One Minute E-mail service. A non-intrusive e-mail that arrives once a week and makes a vast difference in your life. Worth it!

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  1. I agree not everyday employees will be motivated to work and also it depends on the nature of job & ergonomics of work environment, if the ergonomics around are very bad and uncomfortable and also job is stereotypic of nature not too many will be on top of work everyday..Frequent challenges to keep employees thinking about problems and solution to the same are very essential, and unfortunately many companies do not offer such challenging positions(Im talking about one’s with lack of company exposure). Yes people with a Team lead position will have something to look for a team may not only include managers but also subordinates who are essential for successfull and smooth operation of project..

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