Introducing “Adhyatma Chintane” – A Weekly Discussion on Spirituality

GEO 12.97°N 77.56°E has a guest blogger: my friend from school, R. R’s a terrific guy and an email he sent recently gave me a terrific idea: a weekly column titled “Adhyatma Chintane” where R would discuss all things spiritual, in readily understandable tidbits. The purpose is to spread awareness about our culture and tradition, which is increasingly becoming a distant memory.

A new issue will be delivered to your inbox/feed reader every Monday morning. That should give you plenty to think about and connect with on a Monday morning. Plus, R will be around to answer any queries that you may have. It’s not going to be a one-way street.

Having said that much, I handover the post to R.

Adhyatma Chintane: Issue #1 – Anusandhana to be done while doing Mangalarathi.

Today we will learn something about “anusandhana” to be done while doing “mangalarathi.”

Way to do mangalarathi:

  • Three times to the face.
  • Three times in the stomach region.
  • Three times to the foot area.
  • Three times round the whole idol.

You should never close your eyes while performing managalarathi. This also applies to other onlookers. You should pray to the light which is being used for managalarathi; let the same light remove the darkness from the mind. You should see the face of the Lord through that light .

The following shloka should be said while doing mangalarathi:

“Bhakthya Deepam Prayachammi Devaya Paramatmane
Trahi Mam Narakath Ghorath Divya Jyotihi Namosthute.”

Please leave a comment if you have any doubt, suggestion, or criticism. I’ll be delighted to have your feedback. It would be great if you could spread this message to anyone who you think might be interested.

10 thoughts on “Introducing “Adhyatma Chintane” – A Weekly Discussion on Spirituality

  1. What a mysterious man “R” is!! But I should know him, isn’t it? :D.

    The rest of the comment is for Swamy. R:
    Sari ee mangalaarathi yaarige maadta idiya raja? Eegataane MBA mugisi bandidaane punyaatma anta naa?

    :)) I can imagine you doing it.(3X face, 3X stomach region [:))], 3X foot, 3X w(hole)) [rofl]. Vinay magalaarathi madiskolodu doddadalla, ada mele, bhakta nige vara kododu mukhya.

    Swamigale, ee hulu manavana uddhata tana yene idru kshamisteera ankondideeni.

    Keep blooging buddies!!!

  2. @Goutham: Magane. Mobile yaako itkondidya? Sumne show off ga? And you are right. You know R best. Exactly why we have started this initiative – “The purpose is to spread awareness about our culture and tradition, which is increasingly becoming a distant memory.” Neene live example.

  3. If you are talking of spreading awareness of our culture – then how about me and you singing “Anasuya MahaDevi”. We can have a reMix version “AlalUya MDevi” too on YouTube!!!

  4. @Goutham: Bedvo. It might become a hit!

    @Vishu: “The purpose is to spread awareness about our culture and tradition, which is increasingly becoming a distant memory.” Ella tappu tilkotiralo. Entha sthiti ge bandide namma desha.

  5. Translations please.. I’m very much interested in what Mangalrathi is about.. Please do explain what is to be done 3 times to the face etc.. Some of us dont know the C of this culture unfortunately..

  6. What is the significance of 3 times to face, 3 times to stomach. 3 times to foot area and 3 times whole?
    And what is the meaning of the shloka?
    Keep the adhyamtma blogs flowing

  7. Mangalarati is done with camphor or cotton dipped in ghee. This is taken in a specillay made plate called “Halagarati
    ” and that is shown 3 times to the lord

    Regarding the significance, it is asking God to show us the path to righteousness (the same light through which we see the glorious lord’s face, let the same light show us the path of righteouness)

    Meanwhile Girish please let me know which shloka you are talking about

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