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Make Hay While The Lightning Strikes

And if you can’t do that, do what the Notary did: click pictures. As they say, there’s only one thing quicker than lightning: “The Notary with a Canon PowerShot A530.”

To quote the Notary:

Yesterday in Bangalore there were thunderstorms and lightning all over the place…So didn’t wanna let this opportunity go begging…So tried my hand at capturing lightning…Was luky enuf to ve done that…he he.

Images © 2007 – Forever, The Notary™

One thought on “Make Hay While The Lightning Strikes

  1. I think the title shd ve been “A date with the Lightning” as my flickr page says ….well i wish i had a DSLR :((…with a tripod ofc :D n a 30 – 700mm lens [:d] … i wud ve made sure tat u ppl witnessed lightning seeking a signature frm …. who else? ;)

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