Financial Target #1 – I Don’t Want To See My Mobile Bill Cross Rs 400

Of late, my mobile bill has been on the rise.

In Mumbai, Hutch had a wonderful Rs 501 recharge option that was perfect for a month (and often longer, when I had opted for a special scheme). In Bangalore, my AirTel bills are already touching the Rs 800 mark. That’s way too much, given the fact that my plan has 600 free AirTel-to-AirTel minutes. I don’t conduct any business on the mobile, which only implies that I am talking and messaging too much.

I tried a simple 24-hour experiment yesterday – I did not make a call or send a message through my mobile.

It took a tremendous amount of self-control but it was worth the effort. As if to test my willpower, I received a call from AirTel offering GPRS connectivity, which I hiccupingly declined.

April being the month for targets (Remember that management wisdom? “What you can measure you can control.”), my targeted mobile bill is Rs 400 – a 50% cut!

Let’s see if I make it.


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2 thoughts on “Financial Target #1 – I Don’t Want To See My Mobile Bill Cross Rs 400

  1. magga typical baniya stylu..first lekkha and then cost cutting..hahaha..adhre 50% cut is too much fr a target..i understand u have the willpower to do it, but wat abt ppl on the other end of the line, they would be missing u dear….solapa avara(needs gender correction??) bagenu think maddi saar..yavaga mumbai ge??

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