Spending Statistics for March, 2007

Highlights for March, 2007:

  • Total expenses up 32.86% from February! The main culprits:
    1. Used my credit card to book airline tickets
    2. Two slightly expensive road trips
  • Received my first stipend, but expenses were 4x times that amount
  • God save me from these EMIs!

In management theory, it is said that “what you can measure you can hope to control.” I have certainly been measuring my expenses since January, 2007. It’s time for some control. Hopefully.


Under my expense recognition principles, I immediately account for credit card spends and not when I actually make the payments. For example, if I use my card in March and the payment is due only in April, I recognize the expense in March and not in April.

2 thoughts on “Spending Statistics for March, 2007

  1. @Shelly: Your observation on the “Miscellaneous” chunk is correct. This category includes expenses that do not occur every month. For example, in March, I issued a cheque for Rs 8000 to XYZ. I could amortize this amount over the full year, but that would be against my expense recognition principles.

    Ideally, I would like to publish absolute figures (both income and expenses). That’s a go/no-go decision I am grappling with in my mind.

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