Adhyatma Chintane – Issue #2: The Meaning of the Word LakshmiKantah

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Namaskara, Today we will learn the meaning of the word LakshmiKantah. Kantah means husband. Therefore, LakhsmiKantah translates to Lakshmi’s husband, who is Lord Vishnu. The word Kanta, however, means wife. But here the word is KantaH (with a visarga). In other words, You would have heard the word ayaskanta in Kannada which means magnet. Its […] Issue #6 – From Diamonds to Chinese

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The McKinsey Quarterly: When Chinese companies go global – An interview with Lenovo’s Mary Ma An interview with Mary Ma, Senior VP and CFO at Lenovo, in which she talks about Chinese acquisitions abroad, the challenges of integrating companies across cultures, and the role of private-equity firms in providing business experience. Knowledge@Wharton – Why Does […]

For Public Comment: Report of the Study Group on Migration from Paper Based Funds Movement to Electronic Funds Transfer

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been taking initiatives by creating appropriate technological infrastructure to enable migration from paper based payments to electronic payment systems such as Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) System, National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) System and Electronic Clearing Service (ECS). While doing so, RBI has been adopting international best practices […]

Introducing “Adhyatma Chintane” – A Weekly Discussion on Spirituality

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GEO 12.97°N 77.56°E has a guest blogger: my friend from school, R. R’s a terrific guy and an email he sent recently gave me a terrific idea: a weekly column titled “Adhyatma Chintane” where R would discuss all things spiritual, in readily understandable tidbits. The purpose is to spread awareness about our culture and tradition, […] Issue #5 – A Management Special

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HBS Working Knowledge: Adding Time to Activity-Based Costing Determining a company’s true costs and profitability has always been difficult, although advancements such as activity-based costing (ABC) have helped. In a new book – Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing, Professor Robert Kaplan and Acorn Systems’ Steven Anderson offer a simplified system based on time-driven ABC that leverages existing […]

Effective Presentation Techniques #1 – Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something Different

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Don’t be afraid to try something different. It pays to think different from the herd. For the final project during the Business-Smart IT Applications course, Vinayak and I were assigned the McDonald’s IT mega-failure case. The objective was to research the case and present a case analysis via a presentation. If you are interested, you […]

Business-Smart IT Applications: The Complete Collection

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I have often received requests for a single package download of the presentations from Dr. Lakshmi Mohan’s course on Business-Smart IT Applications. Thought it’s a good idea to publish the same here. Feel free to pass on the link to whoever you think might be interested in this awesome content. Download the Business-Smart IT Applications […]

Make Hay While The Lightning Strikes

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And if you can’t do that, do what the Notary did: click pictures. As they say, there’s only one thing quicker than lightning: “The Notary with a Canon PowerShot A530.” To quote the Notary: Yesterday in Bangalore there were thunderstorms and lightning all over the place…So didn’t wanna let this opportunity go begging…So tried my […]

The Nandi Bull at Chamundi Hills, Mysore

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This is the Nandi Bull at Chamundi Hills, Mysore. Quite a picnic spot, some would say. Commonly seen at temples of Lord Shiva across India, it is a custom to seek Nandi’s blessings when you visit the temple. Delightful photography @ Shruthi Geographic – My only complaint is that she doesn’t post frequently enough.