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What is the “Student Syndrome?”

As a student you do it all the time; you just don’t realize that you are doing so. That’s the beauty of the “Student Syndrome.” It’s when you pester your professor to give you more time to complete a project. “Given more time, we’ll do a better job,” is your common line of argument. But given that extra time, you still manage to delay working on the project till the nth hour. You once again wish that you had more time to complete the project. This phenomenon is called the “Student Syndrome.” It’s not that you don’t want to do it, but somehow other tasks always take precedence.

When I look back at the past year, there have been quite a number of such occasions. You don’t necessarily have to be a student to observe this in action. Ostensibly, the same phenomenon is observed at the work place. You keep procrastinating on the completion of a task, and before you know it, you are the victim of the “Student Syndrome.” It’s the bane of any project manager. For me, it was those pesky time-sheets. I am quite sure G will agree with me. I never saw the point in recording 8 hours a day every day or 40 hours a week every week. Why don’t we just automate the same and resort to manual interventions only when there are exceptions?

Finally, how did I learn about the “Student Syndrome?” By being a victim of the same during my Global Delivery and Program Management end terms.

4 thoughts on “What is the “Student Syndrome?”

  1. Good one. At one of the client site I had changed the timecard style, but the user complained that she still has the old layout. Finally I found that she had timecards saved for the whole of the year(with old layout) and she used to submit the saved timecards every week :)

    May be you need to something similar ;)

  2. What was that workshop called? “Best Place to Work” was it? I have very poor memory buddy. My first concern was about filling timesheets. How meaningless they were. I do remember that stupid lady [Arti .. right!] wanted to impress Mr. SAM or Mr. SIK (sampath iyengar k) and said they are very important for a manager, they are actuals.

    But she did not get the point that there are other non-sucking ways of getting that data. Her butt-kissing attitude just made her blind and I stopped speaking for the entire workshop. I think everybody in that workshop wanted to impress their manager or somebody and nobody cared about the real agenda.

    And I was woken up by the groaning or what sort of a noise is that, I just cannot find anything from my literary resource to describe it. Oh my God, I even forgot his name, Vinay who was that lab manager or the BU / DU head? Ah I seem to forget everything.

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