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Send Free SMS Greetings or Messages Anywhere in India, a PC and mobile friendly (really!) portal has announced the launch of their free SMS Greetings service for Indian mobile users. Your message can contain up to 110 characters, and the remaining 50 characters are reserved for advertisements.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. To register, send REG as SMS to 676787
  2. You will receive your password in an SMS
  3. Use your mobile number and the password to logon at (on your PC or mobile)
  4. Type the SMS message and hit Send. You can send a message up to five recipients at a time. Messages can only be sent to Indian mobile numbers

Have fun and spread the word!

Update @ 17:50 IST: My first message made up of the text “Merry Christmas my dear friend” (30 characters long) and sent to myself came in real quick (less than a minute). My second message made up of the text “ABCDEFGHIJ”x10 (exactly 110 characters long) and sent to myself and my friend seems to be out there somewhere! Or does the system know that I am using it to send generic text messages and not greetings?

Update @ 18:01 IST: Yep. The “ABCDEFGHIJ”x10 message arrived almost simultaneously on both our mobiles. The system does not discriminate between generic text messages and greetings after all. Happy greeting…err…messaging.

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