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Off to Wardah, Maharashtra

We’re off to Anandvan – The Forest of Bliss, Baba Amte’s ashram in Wardah, Maharashtra on a social service program. Wardah is a three-hour drive from Nagpur.

Excerpts from a previous trip report (by another batch) featured on

SPJIMR students visited Baba Amte’s Ashram and stayed at Anandvan, with the objective to develop social consciousness and study the relevance of management in social work.

For the first time in the history of Baba Amte’s Ashram, students of a management school visited and stayed at Anandvan, with the objective to develop social consciousness and study the relevance of management in social work. It reiterates the novel pedagogic innovation in management education, which is the hallmark of the S P Jain Institute of Management and Research, where out-of-classroom learning is focused on inculcating in participants the sensitivity to real-world issues.

As a part of the project, the students studied the various self-sustaining units including the agriculture, plastic recycling, eco-friendly building, biogas, water management, forestry and other environmental projects carried out in Anandvan, the headquarters of Baba’s Maharogi Sewa Samiti. The students were also awed by a live performance by the immensely talented physically challenged members of Anandvan’s orchestra, Swaranandan.

Expect another photo-essay once I am back on the 26th. Till then, have fun and miss me!

5 thoughts on “Off to Wardah, Maharashtra

  1. Each one of us as human beings have that “sensitivity” to fellow human-beings…especially to the underprivileged lot.

    The visit to Baba Amte’s dream-turned to-reality destination would have awoken that part of each one of us for sure.

    The 5 minute meeting with Baba…was a time locked in eternity..and Baba’s words..will for ever chime as the Christmas of 2006 bells in my life…
    “If you do not have the strength to carry the cross, be humble to walk in the shade of someone who has it.”
    “Give us a chance , not charity”
    “Give us some time, not just money”

    Baba Amte turns 93 on Dec 26, 2006. The child in the old body…has many an unfulfilled dreams..has many new dreams, young dreams..and is restless to wake up, run around and build those dreams…Thats the challenge may be have..thats the scope of our work if we care to contribute in this work having an unparalleled social impact!

    The next generation movers of Baba’s dream need a platform to discuss with the youth of today on taking the dream of Anandwan ahead and strengthening its perpetuity!

    So..calling all young managers with great dreams in the corporate world…to spare a moment of their lives valuably for this movement!

    Opportunities are immense…it just needs a DIL SE approach!

    More later…

  2. Thanks Prof. Latha for your wonderful comment. Baba’s words could indeed be full of wisdom and I won’t comment on that. But I beg to differ when you say “The 5 minute meeting with Baba…was a time locked in eternity.” To me it was not. It didn’t change a thing for me.

    Do you think that such trips should be forced upon everyone? Maybe someone is not mature enough to fully appreciate what is being done at Anandvan. An individual should be given the freedom to make that choice. Forcing someone does more harm than good.

    Why call ourselves a democratic nation when the right to choose is taken away from you?

  3. Vinaya..when a child plays with fire…we do not allow him/her to..bcoz it is harmful to him/her and forcibly prevent the child from playing with fire!

    Similarly, when a child refuses to study b4 an exam important for his career…we forcibly make him/her study…

    There are times when anything forced upon us looks unpleasant at first…but much later or sooner…we begin to realise its purpose or usefulness or whatever…and then its a great feeling!

    This happens not only to children, even grown ups who at times are forced to do or not do things by pple who are genuinely interested in their welfare….realise only later that what has been forced upon them is beneficial to them…

    Dont i sound like a teacher…i am one though..but i am more a wellwisher than a teacher! and i am talking about these things only from my experience and not theoretically :)

    I am sure that this visit would have touched us someway somewhere with a small ? on can we do anything anywhere to make even a small contribution or leave a small legacy in someone’s heart!

    Thats all it is to being the most powerful species on this planet..and maybe on this Universe :)

    Best wishes. Take care.

  4. I agree completely that education should definately include trips to humanistic organizations such as Anandwan or Jaipur Foot or the Kiran eye camps.

    Freedom does not mean giving a student the option or not to know english as a language of international communication.

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