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Cannon Hill – Elephanta Caves, Mumbai

Your trip to Elephanta Island would be incomplete without a small climb up to Cannon Hill – aptly named because of the cannons strategically perched on top of the hill. The cannons are cleverly camouflaged by the surrounding greenery. In its hey days it must have probably been a very effective weapon in keeping out attackers.

One of the cannons in all its glory. The dais can actually turn a full circle thereby giving a 360° field of attack.

Cannon Hill - Elephanta Caves, Mumbai

The sturdy base of the cannon. From where I shot this photograph, there’s a staircase leading downstairs and into a maze of rooms probably meant for storing shells for the cannon and other artillery. Passageways cut into the hill were probably used as escape routes. You can actually feel yourself being transported into history. Quite mesmerizing!

Cannon Hill - Elephanta Caves, Mumbai

Probably a lookout wall meant to keep a watch for attackers coming in from the sea and also as a first line of defense. Again, it’s perfectly camouflaged amidst the surrounding greenery.

Cannon Hill - Elephanta Caves, Mumbai

To be continued…

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7 thoughts on “Cannon Hill – Elephanta Caves, Mumbai

  1. Great! i was amazed to see the cannon and other areas from my native place Gharapuri, also went back in golden memories in my life.
    This is where i have spend my child hood and its the most wonderful place to see sunset.

  2. I can never forget Elephanta caves, as it was my first place with my DATE where we enjoyed a lot. The UNESCO world heritage site tagged place in Mumbai, the Elephanta Caves is worth visiting once if you ever see India. There are seven cave excavations in the Elephanta group and these are datable from circa 6th – 7th centuries A.D. Take a tour of boat from Gateway of India till the Elephanta Caves. You can hire a guide to get more information on the caves.

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