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Google Website Optimizer

Here’s another gem from the Google stables – The Website Optimizer. It’s sure to be an instant hit with AdWords Advertisers. Hmmm…maybe it’s time for me to use my Rs. 1000 AdWords coupon and roll out a few marketing campaigns myself.

Say’s the Website Optimizer FAQ:

What is Website Optimizer?

Website Optimizer is a tool that can help you improve the effectiveness of your website in getting a return on your investment. By allowing you to test different versions of your site content, you can determine what will best attract users and lead them to convert on your site.

How can Website Optimizer help me?

Website Optimizer can help to improve your conversion rate and increase your ROI by enabling you to figure out what users on your site respond to best.

Who can sign up?

We’re currently accepting sign-ups from AdWords Advertisers who are interested in participating in this beta test. We’re looking for Advertisers who want to test variations of marketing content on their landing pages to see which version results in increased conversions for their website. If landing page optimization is one of your company’s priorities, if you have a clearly defined goal (e.g. sign-up for a newsletter, checkout for purchase, or download of a whitepaper) on your website, and you can create and approve marketing content in a relatively short period of time, this beta test may be a good fit for you.

Click here to sign-up for the Google Website Optimizer.

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