retrevo hopes to be “The Ultimate in Consumer Electronics Search” and I believe they are on the right track.

Retrevo Website

I searched for “Apple 5th generation iPod with video” and ended up with the above results page, the content on which is well organized. The preview pane let’s you quickly scan any of the search results, which are in turn logically organized into categories such as Manufacturer Info, Reviews & Articles, Forums & Blogs, Stores, Daily Deals etc. Finding what you require is certainly not a hassle. Looking for something obsolete such as the Intel 8085? No problem. retrevo will dig up the dirt for you.

retrevo’s mission statement packs a lot of punch. It says:

Our mission is to make your digital life simple and more enjoyable.

Retrevo team has in-depth experience in building technology products and services. We understand technology, we understand information (and the pain associated with overload and irrelevancy) and we understand service delivery. Most importantly, we are passionate about electronic gadgets just the way you are. And we won’t stop at anything short of building the best destination for your digital life.

retrevo was recetly featured on The Scoble Show – Calling all Gadget Freaks: Retrevo is your search engine. That should have given retrevo quality traffic.

Give retrevo a spin and let me know what you think.

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