Resolutions for 2007

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Here’s my one-year five-point program for 2007: Back to Fitness One (it’s tough while you’re studying!) 30-and-if-successful-365 day give-up-coffee program (it’s already begun!) Re-organize finances (using my newly acquired knowledge!) Track spending (cost streams!) Construct a birthday database (messed it in 2006!) [The first one is inspired by Steve Pavlina’s 30 Days to Success article.] […]

On Retaining Talent

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The January 5, 2007 edition of Outlook Business features an article titled “When Working Class Rules.” It’s about organizations going out of their way to retain talent – a supposedly scarce resource in India’s booming economy – by offering big hikes, free holidays, and company-sponsored foreign education. I think the article is too narrow in […]

Zeitgeist 2006

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There really weren’t that many new year resolutions to keep up in 2006. Of course, the main goal for 2006 was to successfully navigate my way through an MBA education. A broadening of my awareness, thinking, and knowledge, good grades, a job at a cool company with responsibilities and salary that exceeded my goals, seem […]

IndiGo to 35,000 Feet – And Beyond!

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It happened out of frustration. My previous and the second-time-in-my-life train journey from Mumbai to Vadodara and back was bad enough, but the 12-hour crowded-and-packed-with-cockroaches train journey from Mumbai to Wardah, followed by the 2.5-hour cramped bus-without-a-suspension journey from Wardah to Warora, was more than enough to test my patience. Reaching Warora, I decided on […]

We Too Wish To Be Free

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It pains me a lot to see animals – both big and small – trapped inside cages and put up as public exhibits. When I say cages, I include aquariums too. Nothing could be as worse for those poor fish than being trapped in a 6 ft x 4 ft x 2 ft glass enclosure, […]

Things You See on Indian Highways

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One of the more positive outcomes of my recent trip to Baba Amte’s Anandvan at Warora is the treasure trove of photographs I managed to capture. Anandvan is spread over an area of about 2500-acres! Predictably, it borders the Warora – Nagpur highway. And that means you can’t keep me from venturing out regularly onto […]

Off to Wardah, Maharashtra

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We’re off to Anandvan – The Forest of Bliss, Baba Amte’s ashram in Wardah, Maharashtra on a social service program. Wardah is a three-hour drive from Nagpur. Excerpts from a previous trip report (by another batch) featured on SPJIMR students visited Baba Amte’s Ashram and stayed at Anandvan, with the objective to develop social […]

Switch to Internet Explorer 7

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I couldn’t resist the temptation to switch. And switch, I did. From Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 7. My initial reaction: “Things are not where they used to be!” Now I have unwaveringly used Internet Explorer since the days of Windows 95 and I can’t use a different browser even in my dreams. I […]

Do You Have a Best Friend at Work?

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Today’s Corporate Dossier – the supplement that comes with The Economic Times – carries an article titled “Terms Of Engagement” written by Tom Rath, who leads Gallup’s Workplace Research and Leadership Consulting worldwide. “Terms Of Engagement” talks about the significance of having a best friend or two at your workplace. I found this article to […]

Book Review: The Last Mughal

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The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty, Delhi, 1857 William Dalrymple Hardcover: 608 pages Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (1 Oct 2006) Language: English ISBN: 074758639X Dimensions: 6 x 9.2 inches Price: Rs. 695 The Last Mughal is more a treatise on Delhi in the 1800’s, it’s mysticism, romanticism, and subsequently it’s destruction and ruin, […]